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At Revuli we provide customised information technology solutions to both corporate and individual businesses.We have experienced, certified and well accredited personnel to cater for client’s needs. professionally.


I.T Training, Consultancy and Support Cyber Security and Webdev ISP, Sales and Webhosting Provision of Interactive Learning Solutions for Schools and Crèches


In today’s world it is everyone’s responsibility to exercise safe and secure computer use, so as revuli.com we’re a user’s best friend in terms of information security education and implementation, we teach both corporate and individual businesses.


We're an inteliquiped band of geniuses with years of both corporate and home security installations and support. Our specialty ranges from GPS enabled mobile cctv installation, I.T Support, network vulnerability assesments, penetration testing and disaster recovery.

General IT Hardware

Revuli.com is a registered dealer for most popular brands of IT hardware, and puts much effort in evaluating and testing a variety of different hardware solutions so as to be able to inform and recommend to our clients. Servers, desktop computers, notebooks, printers and networking equipment evolves and changes constantly, and Revuli.com is committed to remain informed and objective, so as to provide our clients with the best possible solution in line with budget. Many years of experience has taught us to place an extremely high priority on reliable hardware, and Revuli.com adopts a strong, yet reasonable approach to hardware.


Revuli.com is uniquely positioned to provide software relevant to your day to day running (such as Microsoft and Linux solutions, anti-virus, accounting and back systems) as well as custom developed software solutions. Having Microsoft and Linux certified professionals on board, you can be certain to be informed and kept on the latest Microsoft and Linux products relevant to your specific requirements. Revuli.com is also able to recommend on and provide most anti-virus solutions, having encountered and worked with almost all packages and is qualified to advice on HR, accounting and custom solutions to optimize your organization’s daily running.

Advanced Networking Equipment

The Fortigate Balance's world-leading internet load balancing and VPN bonding solution lets you take control of your WAN and improves internet connectivity, all with one easy-to-manage device. Able to intelligently distribute network traffic over multiple WAN links, including up to 13 DSL, cable, Fibre, 4G, and 3G, the Fortigate optimises traffic via its outbound traffic manager and DSL/Cable Optimisation Technology. Even with the most strenuous network traffic, the Fortigate scales on demand to provide fast internet when you need it most. Should a connection fail, the Fortigate Balance automatically switches to a healthy link in less than a second, seamlessly maintaining internet connectivity and corporate VPN functionality. Using Fortigate's unique VPN bonding technology, you can aggregate the bandwidth of all available WAN links, significantly boosting speed, reliability, and failover performance.

With years of IT consulting experience, Revuli.com has been able to pinpoint the specific skills needed to operate in the IT environment. Having identified several core capabilities, Revuli.com has created a table of training programs that caters for the typical end-user, allowing him/her to confidently and adequately use a computer.

Ranging from basic to quite advanced, these courses cover all the common Microsoft applications used in the workplace today, and can be customized to be relevant to your specific network setup. It may even include a network orientation to your specific office setup, allowing new employees to hit the ground running.

All courses offered by Revuli.com carry a full MICT SETA accreditation, allowing companies and individuals to benefit from the integrity associated with the South African Qualifications Authority.

All unit standards form part of Qualification ID: 61591 National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing

Revuli.com can enhance your IT department with any of the following services.

Professional IT Services

Standing on a lot of consulting experience, Revuli.com is uniquely qualified to engage with your organization on a senior management level to develop a custom IT system tailored for your specific requirements. Taking into account existing IT assets and budgets, Revuli.com will partner with your organization with a long-term view, adapting your IT infrastructure according to your organization’s requirements. Revuli.com takes pride in implementing technology seamlessly and cost effectively, making our clients self-sufficient and independent.
Being passionate about Information Technology, Revuli.com has been able to move along with the rapid rate of technology evolution. Having partnered with most major players in the IT sector including Microsoft, HP, DELL and Fortigate we are confident in our ability to provide and maintain a comprehensive IT solution for your organization.

Service Level Agreements

Revuli.com offers comprehensive Service Level Agreements that may include hardware, software, connectivity and disaster recovery solutions aiming to keep our clients on the cutting edge of technology and in line with company budgets. Ultimately, Revuli.com maintains a proactive, rather than reactive approach to IT, utilizing all kinds of technologies to maintain the IT Infrastructure, with the specific aim to minimize downtime and surprises. Being well aware of all the hidden costs and headaches associated with IT, Revuli.com aims to provide our clients with a reliable, predictable IT solution, enabling your organization to focus on your core competencies without being distracted. SLA’s will be tailored on an ongoing basis so as to evolve with your organization, and aims to provide peace of mind, knowing that your company’s digital assets are well looked after.

IT Outsourcing / Co-Sourcing

Businesses have slowly warmed to the fact that outsourcing their IT infrastructure makes good business sense. Revuli.com understands the sensitivity of introducing a different culture, a different company into your organization to take care of one of your organization’s most valuable assets. Revuli.com has always placed a high priority on keeping professional, qualified staff that will engage your employees with more than just technical problem-solving ability. Our staff is committed to build a relationship with your staff so as to educate them, and blend in with your company – a partnership rather than a “fix”. The idea of co-sourcing, that is, forming a team comprising of Revuli.com staff as well as staff internal to your company to troubleshoot and monitor IT infrastructure has proved to work extremely well, and can be considered in scenarios where data and uptime are extremely critical.
With IT and communications playing such a critical role in any modern organization, Revuli.com aims to partner with our clients in a way that will enable them to use technology without being distracted by the burden of implementing and maintaining thereof. Revuli.com also offers MICT SETA accredited training to keep your staff motivated and productive.

Internet Services

Revuli.com has partnered with most major Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) in South Africa to provide basic internet related services that includes a variety of web connectivity solutions, e-mail solutions, website design etc. Revuli.com has also taken pride in partnering with Fortigate, and have acquired expertise in developing and maintaining major VPN’s, failover and load balancing solutions to major organizations.

Data Cabling and Network design

Revuli.com can provide professional data cabling and network design services that complies with industry standards due to our partnerships with major data cabling companies in South Africa. Revuli.com has also gone the extra mile to obtain expertise knowledge in wireless networking, configuring and maintaining secure and reliable wireless networks using state of the art equipment.

Security Services and Solutions

We're an inteliquiped band of geniuses with years of both corporate and home security installations and support.

Our specialty ranges from GPS enabled mobile cctv installation, I.T Support, home and corporate security, network vulnerability assesments, penetration testing and disaster recovery.

We specialize in I.T, mobile, corporate and home security services. Our products vary from normal I.T Support, CCTV cameras both hidden and open- faced, mobile CCTV systems, Electric and clear view fence. We do gate automation, garage doors, intercom systems and access control.

We supply and install GPS enabled mobile CCTV systems for vehicles (with capabilities of tracking fuel usage, power cut off etc), nanny cameras and spy gadgets within vehicles, homes, and offices.

"Team Secure" consists of a band of intellectuals equipped with a set of skills with specialty varying from I.T Security, mobile security, network vulnerability assessment's, penetration testing and disaster recovery.

Invite us for a free assessment and quote for any of our services below:

  • Installation of vehicle fuel tank monitoring system
  • Garage Door Motor Installations
  • Installation of vehicle power cut off and positioning systems
  • Sliding Gate Motor Installations
  • Driver behavior monitoring via G-Sensor
  • Garage Doors Motor Repairs
  • MDVR (mobile CCTV) Installations and support (with satellite remote monitoring)
  • Garage Doors Motor Installations
  • I.T Support Services
  • Garage Doors Motor Services
  • Safe Room Installations
  • Garage Doors Motor Upgrades
  • Electric Fencing Services
  • Sliding Gate Motor Services
  • Access & Security Booms
  • Electric Gate Safety Sensors
  • Custom Security Gates
  • Electric Gate Photo Eyes
  • Custom Burglar Bars
  • Telephone Entry System Installations
  • Swinging Gate Motor Installation
  • Access Remote Setup
  • Swinging Gate Motor Services
  • Electric Gate Safety Sensors
  • Sliding Gate Motor Repairs
  • Electric Gate Photo Eyes
  • Safe Room Upgrades
  • Roller Door Motor Installations

Revuli.com can enhance your IT department with many IT related services.



Revuli.com was established in 2009 as a Solution Driven Information Technology Service Provider. Since our inception Revuli.com has come a long way in servicing all IT requirements for the corporate, medium and small business markets.

Our Mission

We are committed in providing our customers with a unique and comprehensive range of Information Management and Security Solutions, as well as improving their computer literacy through pragmatic skills development, thus enabling them to achieve maximum penetration for their products and services in the market place.

Our personalised focus thrives on the diversity of a variety of industries, where many of our loyal customers have surfaced as leaders in their respective fields of expertise. This philosophy is based on a spirit of long term co-operative Partnerships, where we offer our expertise in a flexible and effortless manner, enshrined by a principal of ethical behaviour. With a dedicated team that is driven by pride in workmanship, we are confident in promoting Revuli.com as an integral extension of our customer's business, rather than "just another" supplier.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a role model Information Technology and Skills Developer - through customer-focused teamwork.

Our Values

Integrity: Through our actions and attitudes Excellence and Personal Professionalism: We believe the pursuit of excellence pushes us to be better than we thought we could be.

Teamwork and Clear Communication: We believe they build unity of purpose and enable us to do more than we could individually.

Personal Growth: We believe it strengthens and develops us and keeps us continually learning.

Leadership: We believe in the future of our country and the empowerment of all South Africans now and in the future.


Technological evolution has become a need for this cyber-world.


We strive to empower our communities through affordable technology empowering. programs from kids to adults.


Through our Computer Based Training and consultancy, we bring a wide and well felt information and technology changes.


Pre-technological period is past and the need to technologically adjust and integrate is becoming a must for the entire society.


Tembisa / Phomolong

We successfully trained the Tembisa Phomolong ECD Forum as one of our community empowerment program. As Revuli.com we have been able to pinpoint the specific skills needed to operate in the IT environment. Having identified several core capabilities, Revuli.com has created a range of training programs that caters for the typical end-user, allowing him/her to confidently and adequately use a computer. READ MORE (PDF ±90kb)



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